Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh the irony...

The God of Fertility must have a sense of humor. 
So my much younger brother currently lives in Japan (in the army) and during a recent visit to Hawaii he found and purchased Adel and I a “fertility tiki”. He had just recently heard of our IF struggles and felt he was doing his part with this purchase. I thought it was a cute and thoughtful gesture from someone who could never really understand the life of an infertile (he, at 24, has a 9 month old beautiful baby girl), He was so excited he had found it and shipped it out to us immediately. 
It arrived today... broken. Lol. 
Oh the irony. Our fertility tiki broken? Shocker. I mean... it is almost hilarious really. 
Though I am not one to believe in the superstition of this small wooden figurine, I felt was in no position to decline the sweet gesture. Now however... I am left wondering what it arriving broken must mean. Eeeep! 
Meh... just like in life... it might be time to bust out the super glue and put the pieces back together.   :)
The Tiki came with this tag: 
“God of Fertility - Hawaiians have long believed that the God of Fertility is the true bearer of good fortune. Whatever your heart desires --wealth, fame, or even a new baby --just rub his shiny, round “opu” and your wish is his command.”
Here’s to hoping his “opu” wasn’t affected by his amputated feet. 


  1. Well that bites. Since its a statue I doubt it loses anything by being broken. Just rub its opu and make your wish.

  2. :) That is pretty funny! And so sweet of your brother to send it, just in time for your IVF cycle. My brother and sister in law brought me fertility honey from a street marketing in Dubai. :)

    Just like the statue, you will be fixed.

  3. Omgosh too funny! I say glue it back together and rub that "opu"

  4. I think it was broken just to make you smile and laugh a bit!!! I mean, who needs feet? hahaha

  5. Oh man. You really can't do anything but laugh!

  6. It is kinda funny. Glue that sucker back together and rub his "opu" till the paint comes off! LOL! BTW I rubbed it too through the screen!

  7. Lol...

    And that was really sweet of your brother!

  8. Oh, he's so cute! Looks like he will heal nicely. I hope he brings you lots of luck this time.

  9. What a sweet gesture from your brother but talk about the irony of the situation. Hope the sentiment outweighs the breakage.

    ICLW #66

  10. Ok, now this is too funny! I love that you put the pieces back together just like in real life. Rub the "opu" off that sucker for all of us!!