Monday, March 19, 2012

Continuing Protocol

I know I have been rather quiet lately... Still holding my breath. 8 weeks and 1 day today. 

Wanted to post about the meds/shots I am still on! Hopefully these things are each doing their part to keep the Little Nugget fed, happy and wanting to stay put for a long time! 

So here is my current cocktail list: 

PIO (Progesterone in Oil) - Oh how I loathe you. Lol. For the first few weeks, I swear this nightly shot wasn't a big deal. Yeah, it hurt and yes it made me sore for days afterwards... but I just dealt with it. Recently however, this shot has been a bitch. My hips are sore upon sore. It just seems as though they never get a chance to heal (even with us alternating hips each night) before we are sticking them again. I even threw a full on tantrum one night last week when it was time to do the shot. Full on. Like a two year old. Kicking things, yelling, punching the air. Hubby thought I was possessed for sure. Meh. I think I just had reached my limit for a minute and started feeling sorry for us. For all of us. This should be easier. This whole process should be easier. My clinic actually has their patients on this till 12 weeks (from what I understand) so only 4 more weeks to go! An interesting fact I didn't realize... My lil nugget has actually started producing his own progesterone! I have been getting weekly progesterone checks to monitor the number and they have been as follows over the weeks: 26, 27, 30, 37 (they like to see the number over 20 initially). The jump to 37 surprised me since my dosage has remained consistent at 1cc per day. This rise hopefully means things are progressing as they should! 

Lovenox - An important one. Blood thinner medication for my MTHFR mutation (clotting disorder). This is also a daily shot but this one goes for the whole pregnancy. It is fortunately a sub-q shot but it stings/burns like hell and leaves beautiful bruises all over my belly. Super hawt. As much as I hate the burning fire I have to inject nightly... I am so thankful we know about this disorder and have something I can do to help keep my body from clotting against this pregnancy.  

Vivelle (Estrogen Patches) - These patches are easy and painless. They stick to abdomen and just hang out. I am on two patches and change them every other day. I will also be on these till 12 weeks along. Only complaint I have about these are the price. Expensive lil buggers. $90 a box and I go through a box every 8 days. Only 4 more weeks to go! 

Prenatals - Nothing to exciting here... I take the prescription prenatals called Duet. Two pills daily. I have been taking these literally for about 4 years (since our first miscarriage 2/08). I was given different samples to try at the time and these were the only ones that didn't make me nauseous if I took them without food, so I have stuck with them. 

MetaNx - This is also something I take for my MTHFR (clotting disorder). This mutation affects the way my body processes B6, 12 and Folic Acid so this prescription vitamin provides these in their active form so my body is able to use it. I take one pill twice a day. This will be continued the whole pregnancy. 

Baby Aspirin - Still on baby aspirin also. One pill a day. I think this will end at the 12 week mark also with the PIO and patches, but I am not certain. This is commonly used during IVF as it helps block vascular constriction. There are many other reasons to use it in IVF listed in this article

Acupuncture - I have continued my acupuncture appointments, twice a week. My acupuncturist would like the twice a week appointments to continue through 12 weeks and then drop to once a week. I do enjoy the time to just lay there and daydream. It happens to be one of the only places I allow myself to believe this is actually working/going to work. I daydream about being pregnant, what our baby might look like and what type of child he/she might grow up to be. As soon as the hour is up... I go back to my safe/rational thinking (doesn't include daydreaming) but in that hour... I connect with the being inside me.

That is it for the meds/shots/procedures! A pretty lively cocktail list of fun!      

Also, wanted to share a list of don'ts I received at my first ultrasound from Dr. Cold. It is instructions for the first trimester (through 12 weeks) of pregnancy. Since I don't graduate from his office till 12 weeks (I know some clinics graduate sooner) this list is supposed to handle all the things I should not be doing till I get handed over to an OB. The list is rather restricting. But of course, I am following it as best as I can. A few notables are: 
No Sex
No Airplane Travel (till after 12 weeks, then consult with OB)
No Having Hair Colored, Permed or Straightened 
No Exercise. None. 
No Caffeine, Alcohol, Sushi, Unpasterized Foods. Minimize Intake of Hot Dogs/Cold Cuts
No Sunbathing
No Hot Baths
No Dental Work 

Fun stuff! 

Still praying my little nugget is doing ok in there. I see him/her again tomorrow. I can't wait. 


  1. I just cracked up at your tantrum!! It was a beauty! You are right, it shouldn't be this damn hard. That cocktail is a big mix. As a non IVFer I am always amazed at what you all power through. You are all so brave, braver than those who fall pregnant first month of trying. It's a pretty big trait to pass on to your offspring. Be proud of yourself, cause you should be.

  2. I've never heard of MetNx but am well versed in all the others. PIO does get really old as time goes on. Sorry you have to put up with that one but good to know your little nugget is starting to produce its own progesterone. I actually have a box of Vivelle I could send to you since I'm not using it. Up to you, let me know.

    Why no airplanes? That makes me nervous since we did a FET yesterday and are leaving for Mexico on Sunday.

    1. I have no clue why he says no airplanes (I have read something about trace amounts of radiation?) but this rule is definitely not consistent across the country. My last RE didn't have an issue with airplane travel at all. Could be just another example of over-precaution on top of over-precaution. I have see lots of fellow bloggers travel in their 2ww wait/first trimester and went on to have successful pregnancies. Hell... any of the RE/clinics you have to travel to (CCRM specifically comes to mind) allow you to take a flight home from them during this period. Does your RE have a preference either way?

      Thank you so much for the Vivelle offer! I just received my last order of them a few days ago that should get me through the 12 week mark... so I should be ok for now. Thank you again though for the offer!

      I am so jealous of your upcoming trip and am crossing my fingers this is the cycle for you! Are you bringing HPT's with you? Lol. I think I would have to!

  3. Omigoodness! I don't know how you keep all the meds in order! You are doing great though! You and your little nugget are in my thoughts!

  4. Ugh, the PIO shots are the worst. My first clinic made me do PIO shots and I hated them. Since I didn't get pregnant with them I never had to do them past 4 weeks, I can only imagine how sick of them you are! So grateful that my current clinic allows me to do suppositories - they are gross but soooo much easier. Maybe worth checking if your clinic will let you do them? Congrats on 8 weeks!

  5. Its all worth it to have that baby. Sucks that we have to go through so much discomfort. I'm not sure I could go without coloring my hair for too long.

  6. The rules are overwhelming in themselves!! We just got 'cleared' for exercise and sex...17 weeks! Hang in there, it will a lllll be worth it! Even the shots :)

  7. May I ask the dose you take for Metanx? I have MTHFR homozycous C677T ( the worse kind) and PAI 4g/5g. The cycle I will eb doign Metanx daily - but only one pill. Also Lovenox starting on stims. When did you stop Lovenox for retreival and start up again? Thanks for your help in advance. Congrats to you!

    1. Hi hi! I am taking 2 Metnax pills a day (one in am, one in pm). Also... for Lovenox... I just didn't take my dose the night before retrieval and didn't take it the night of retrieval. I started back up the day after retrieval. :) Good luck!!!!