Saturday, February 4, 2012

Calm Before the Storm

I always look at the day before retrieval as the calm before the storm.

It is usually just a quiet day, hanging around the house since usually one is pretty uncomfortable at this point (this time is no different). There are no shots to take and I have done all that is physically possible for their cycle. This is the calm.

But a storm is brewing on the horizon. A storm of pain, nerves and waiting over the next few weeks.

Tomorrow my body will be violated and ravaged by an aspirator. Again. The drugs will be amazing as always I am sure... but once I awake... I will be left with empty follicles and a sore abdomen. The soreness will last for days with probably Tuesday-ish being the worst of the pain (this has been my experience). Tomorrow also begins the waiting... waiting to see how many fertilized, how many make it to day 3 & day 5, how many will be normal once PGD has been completed and how many will make it to transfer (I am not even expecting any to freeze since I haven't in either of my first two cycles) and waiting to see if it worked. Lots of waiting and lots of nerves cause things could go wrong at any of these points. I won't even go into the storm of emotions that is on the horizon. Either extreme happiness or more sadness coming over the next few weeks. As I said... a storms a brewing.

Anyway, back to getting things ready for my super bowl party tomorrow.

Have to be at the surgery center at 5:30am for retrieval. OMG. 5:30am. That is nuts.

Wanted to wish a GOOD LUCK to two blog friends that also have their retrievals tomorrow morning. Sometimes and Millionbabysteps, I will be thinking about you and hoping all goes well tomorrow. Crossing my fingers for both of you.


  1. Good luck dear. I am praying for some good numbers!

  2. Good luck this morning. See you on the other side.

  3. Good luck!!! Yu are likely IN your retrieval right now, it being 6:30 Pacific time. Can't wait to hear the results. Hopefully the storm stays at bay or is less mild than expected. Thinking of you. I leave for my RE's office in about two hours!!

  4. Good luck! Its 3 hours past retrieval. Can't wait to hear the results. Glad you have company today to distract you.

  5. Good luck!!!! Can't wait to hear how tomorrow/today goes!!!

  6. Good luck tomorrow! I'm hoping the PGD results yield good news.

  7. Just catching up on your blogs now. Hope all went well. I'll read on in a few minutes.

    1. Just getting back to the real world...I know I'm late but I hope that your ER went well and looking forward to seeing a great fert report!