Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Trigger Time

Well not for a few more hours. But we are very close my friends. 

Is it a problem that as I was typing "It's Trigger Time" for the title... all I could think about was the Je.rsey saying "It's T-Shirt Time". Lol. Really? Omg, if you don't currently subscribe to this lowest form of reality tv... don't start. It's pretty bad. But alas, I love it.

Appointment went fine today. Still 19 follicles but seriously like 6 of them are ginormous (i.e. 29mm x 27mm). Way too big in my opinion. The doctor in me (self taught, lol) says that if there are actually eggs in those, they are going to be over mature for sure but I am not going to stress over such things I cannot control. The size of my follicles and amount of eggs I am currently eggulating is just one of those things.

E2 came back at 4445 (after 11 days of stims). 

No Follistim or Luveris tonight... officially done with those for this cycle. Still taking my Lupron and Lovenox (blood thinners for MTHFR) tonight. Trigger is happening at 7:30pm (7500iu). Also starting Cabergoline tonight (to help keep any OHSS at bay). 

Eeeeep. I am getting nervous. 

I'm still hoping... 3rd times a charm.


  1. Yeah!!! I'll be right behind you. Good luck and see you on the other side.

  2. Brace yourself! The shot's coming! I've found an ice pack and heating pad seem to help. That darned thing HURTS! For DAYS!

    3rd time will be the charm for both of us!

    Crossing my fingers!


  3. Yay! Sounds great! I'm on the cabergoline too - warning, it makes you nauseous (or
    Me anyways). Our E2 levels are almost the same, are they warning you about OHSS? My dr doesn't seem to worried but I am still a little worried....
    Good luck!
    And I dont know which trigger everyone is taking, but mine is the ovidrel, and it doesn't hurt!

  4. Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!

  5. Just missed it by 10 minutes past your trigger. Congratulations on doing all the work you could to make this a great cycle. Now relax, get dopped up on drugs Sunday and let the RE and embryologist do their part. - Laura

  6. Good luck!! Hoping OHSS isn't an issue at all and that you get some great eggs. Looking forward to hearing how many are retrieved.

  7. Hoping for many high quality eggs. Good luck!

  8. Yay!! hang in there girl and keep us posted on how things go!! Best wishes!!

  9. Hey even if 6 are considered too big 13 follicles in the right size range are great to have. Good luck!

  10. Looking good!! Even if those 6 are too mature, you have 13 others cooking and ready to make you a baby! Good luck tonight and you better start drinking some Gatorade and eating some protein with those numbers :)

  11. you know it has to be a lucky cycle when you can reference jersey shore in your blog post, lol!!

    no worries- i have a magnet on my fridge that says "fist pumping like champs!" i have no shame- jersey shore makes me feel like i come off "normal" to the rest of the world!!

    good luck tomorrow!

  12. Good luck tomorrow!!! Can't wait to hear the results. Go eggies go!