Friday, December 23, 2011

Operation: Christmas Cheer

Whether I like it or not, Christmas is here... onward with the Holiday Cheer. Got the tree up (a couple weeks ago), most of our Christmas dinner ready (we are celebrating with my family today), Christmas crafts crafted and even some sweets made! Oh holy holiday mania! Here’s some pictures for proof!! 

Our Tree

Christmas Crafts: 

My mom and sister-in-law decided to made gifts for each other this year. I decided to make scarfs as my “Christmas Craft”. I thought they turned out decent! Hope you like them. 

Christmas Craft #1
Christmas Craft #2

Christmas Crack:
OMG. Christmas Crack. #ilovechristmascrack. This is a salty, sweet treat sent from the heavens above. Seriously.. such good stuff. It is very easy to make and always a hit. It’s called Christmas Crack due to it’s very addictive nature. Only takes saltine crackers, brown sugar, chocolate chips and butter to make. I use the recipe from here: Christmas Crack Recipe

Christmas Crack w/ Toffee Bits Added

Hubby's Christmas Ornament: 

I ended up getting a little different ornament than I was looking for (read about my search here)... probably as a result of running out of time. I like it but it's not exactly the simple message I was looking for. It is a birds nest with three eggs in it and says “Our Nest” over it. Very symbolic I think. It is as if to say our nest is all ready to go, we just need our babies now (as I am sure many of you can relate to). Hubby loved it and we had a nice moment over it during our gift exchange. He even felt the three eggs were symbolic of our three embryos placed from last cycle... or of us embarking on our third round of IVF. 

All said and done... I am ready for Christmas. Bring it.   :) 

From my home to yours... Merry Christmas. Big hugs to each of you! 


  1. Mmmm I'm coming over for some yum looking sweets and that top scarf!!
    Love the symbolism of the nest. And a nest in the tree is supposed to be good luck too :). Third times a charm!!

  2. I love the ornament. I like that it isn't a typical 'baby''s more of where you hope to be.

  3. AWHHH...I love how you decorated. Now I'll have to go make some christmas crack.

  4. Aww, that ornament is very sweet.

    I've never heard of Christmas crack but it looks delicious!

  5. Just stopping in from ICLW :Merry Christmas

  6. Merry Christmas! Your homemade scarves are so pretty! And I agree with you and your hubby...maybe that nest is a message of good things to come.